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[APD] RE: LFS tanks

>Two questions, do you plan on selling the CO2

 Yes, both the simple Nutrafin yeast reactors as well
as the pressurized systems...we will also carry the
full line of the Seachem plant products including

>SeaChem Excel will not off gas.
 I realize this...however since this system will
include retail space for fish I MUST out gas the CO2
before the water is returned through the
sump...otherwise I would have issues w/ fish gasping
at the surface potentially. The whole point of this
system is to use the plants as a means of improving
the water for the fish and vice versa...my main
concerns regarding my request for advice were
regarding keeping the chemistry stable in a system
that will constantly be in a state of flux regarding
bio-load of both plants and fish. I am aware that I
will need to dose, but will the new plants (figuring
at least half will be fresh cut stem plants) require
as much as an established and biologically stable
plant tank? Will they need more? Would a Ph controller
be enough to ofset the night time Ph  drop or should I
develop some kind of overnight drip solution to buffer
the system at night? How much CO2 should I initially
use if my goal is fresh growth w/ out having to do
major pruning more than once a week? Retail fish
systems tend to run between 20 to 60ppm of
nitrate...how should I best use the plant system to
better water quality for the fish while allowing some
nitrates to remain for the plants? Since the bio load
will have peaks and plataus I am planning on dosing
the system w/seahem nitrogen as needed and will dose
traces every other day or so, always adding a bit less
than what I figure is the max I can safely add at a
time while checking my numbers w/ Salifert tests and
performing a 25% water change on the system 2X a
week...does anyone have a different suggestion that
might work better, or am I on the right track?
Thanks for your imput:)

If you use less light, then this will work and you can
sell that.
Or you can do both.

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