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[APD] RE: LFS tanks

> We are not concerned about CO2 loss as it is quite
> cheap... however I have never done a system like this
> before and haven't a clue as to where to begin as far
> as numbers of ferts/CO2 go...any suggestions as far as
> dosing or design would be great as the system has not
> yet been built. Our fish system has been lightly
> stocked for quite a while now and has been well
> cycled, and I will be performing a large water change
> w/ supplemented R/O each week.
> Thanks for your thoughts on this...wish us luck!
> Sandi

Two questions, do you plan on selling the CO2 systems?
Place them in a nice clean box along side the system for folks to see(but
not touch).
SeaChem Excel will not off gas.
If you use less light, then this will work and you can sell that.
Or you can do both.

Ferts are easy. Buy them from www.gregwatson.com and repack them into your
own LFS labeled tubs.
Dosing calculators will tell you how much to add for the target range.

Tom Barr

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