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Re: [APD] lighting temperature question

I think tropical sunlight, near noonish, on a clear day is
closer to 5500K, but all days aren't clear ;-) Some 5000K
bulbs will look to many more the color of sunlight on a
clear day than many 6000+ bulbs.1

But a particular bulb might look more sunlike regardless of
whether its color temp rating is 4500K or 8000K.
Personally, I think the URI Aquasuns, at 10000K  hit the
sweet spot for natural color, although most 10000K bulbs
I've seen look more bluish than the Aquasuns.

Why reef light is blue -- Is it refraction that causes the
deeper reef lighting to be blue? I believe it is due mainly
to the higher energy end of the spectrum (blue) being able
to penetrate farther into the water before being absorbed.
It's not the Rayleigh effect, which makes the sky blue,
where the shorter wavelengths are scattered more. 

Where's that psycho-optics fella when we need him?

Here's riddle? What's the color temp of the white on a
cathode ray tube television screen when set to standards? 
And why is it such a high setting?

--- Russell Vance <russell_vance at gmail.com> wrote:
> I forgot to mention that one reason I like 6700K on
> planted tanks and 
> 14,000K on reef tanks is because 6,700K is close to
> natural sunlight. Since 
> most freshwater bodies are pretty shallow, the light will
> be close to that 
> of natural sunlight. However on reefs, many parts are
> much deeper which 
> causes them (due to refraction of light) to be much more
> blue. Few corals 
> (at least SPS corals) are found so deep that the light is
> near 14,000K, but 
> I think aesthetically it looks better.
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