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Re: [APD] Lighting advice

--- The Dragon Hunter <dragon_hunter at dragons-realm.net>
> Welp, have finally recovered from the move to the new
> place.  all tanks are
> going fine (thankfully).  Would like to upgrade my
> lighting on my large
> (well, large for me) tank.  It's a 60-gallon hex,
> volcanit substrate.  I'd
> rather not do CO2 do to lake of space.  Was wondering how
> much lighting I
> should go up to and if I should get an aetnic.

If you're going to have a polished metal reflector with a
psuedo-parabolic shape like the AHS kits, then 2 watts per
gallon is plenty. I wouldn't go much under or over that.

The Hex shape can be hard to light evenly, if you like
evenly. So unless you use a metal halide you will probably
want to try for 3 36watt PCs or 2 55watt PCs. Or maybe 2
36s and 1 55. A lot will depend on what you will be using
for a hood. You could do a single 96 watt PC but the
dispersal of light won't be very even.

Only get actinic if you are very fond of the eerie color.
Otherwise, leave the actinics to the reefers, where the
blues are more natural ;-)
have fun,

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