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RE: [APD] AAS Check Valve

Douglas gives good advice on valves.

--- Douglas Guynn <d_guynn at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> If you plan on keeping less than 15 psig on your system,
> go to
> www.mcmaster.com and enter "diaphragm check" (no quotes)
> in the search box.
> I would suggest the Nylon body with Viton Diaphragm
> #47245K18 for $5.85.
> If you want to run more than 15 pisg, go to page 387 and
> choose either the
> PVC Spring-Loaded Ball Check Valves (#7933K31) or the
> Spring-Loaded Ball
> Check Valves with Barbed Connections (#6079T53 @ $3.56 or
> 7757K13 @ $3.23)

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