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[APD] Rare Crypts expected

To all you Cryptocoryne enthusiasts.

With some great efforts we hope to have another delivery in 3-4 weeks time of some very rare Crypts. Most if not all of these have not been available on the USA market, to the best of our knowledge.

We are only able to obtain a few specimens of each type ( below), no more than 5-8 and in some cases less.

We will keep at least one maybe 2 , for attempts in our tissue culture lab, and the rest will be offered to Hobbyists who have a particular interest in this genus of plants. They will be offered on a first come first served basis, so one should contact us right away, if you have a special interest.

We do not have a final price yet, but they will be quite expensive, but less than half the price offered on the Japanese sites, so in that sense only they will be a bargain. On the last shipment, we actually lost a couple of hundred dollars, as the cost of small shipments is much higher, customs clearance is the same irrespective of value, and shipping incurs about three times the cost per Kg. In addition we have to pay someone to collect these specially for us, and this means we pay a high originating cost.

The plants we expect are C. timahensis, C.ferruginea, C. keei, C.striolata, ( only about 6 of these), C.uenoi, C yujii, C.bullosa, C cordata v zonata.

There just might be one or two more. we can obtain. Photos of one or two of these are on our web sites , though not all of them . Should any of you want a photo, I can attach it to a reply by e-mail


Shawn Prescott

Internet pages. http://www.fishvet.com

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