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[APD] Re: Splitting headache

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:01:41 -0500, Matt wrote

> Can I split it like a banana? and share with others? or 
> is my only hope to pull the leaves off individually and make the 
> plant smaller with a big root system.

Take a close look at the base of the plant.  It may help to strip a way a few
of the older leaves.  When a sword plant gets real big it very often grows
from more than one center.  You can see that at the base of the plant.

If there is more than one center then you can use a clean, sharp knife to
split the plant between centers.  Sometimes you can snap the plant apart by
hand.  I've divided sword plants a few times, sometimes cutting out several
plants at a time.  The smaller divisions may not have much of a root system
and they will take off rather slowly.  Larger divisions are usually pretty
healthy and grow right away.

Roger Miller
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