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Re: [APD] System 1 filter - not working?

At 01:15 PM 3/22/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>I just bought a System 1 diatom filter with the hope that I could use it to
help fight a green water problem I am currently having.  But when I ran it
(for two hours) the filter made absolutely no difference in the green water!
The filter did not clog with algae as I was hoping - the DE powder never
even turned green.  Can floating algae be too small to be filtered out by a
diatom filter?  Should I have tried running it longer?  Could something be
wrong with the filter? (It looked like it was running just fine.)  I talked
to a guy at the company who makes the System 1 and he said not many people
use a diatom filter for green water. . .but from what I've read in the
archives here - people do use it successfully for this purpose. Any comments
or suggestions would be appreciated.

I use a Vortex diatom for green water and it clears it up in about
an hour. One trick - if you use new tapwater to recharge the filter
the outgassing puts small bubbles on the bag; no diatoms collect there;
as you run it they provide enough of a "hole" in the diatom media
that it can run for hours on a green water tank and do no good.

The fix is, use tank water not fresh tapwater to recharge your
diatom. Another thing I do to make sure the powder is evenly
distributed is when it's first charged, shut it off for a few
minutes then restart it. That seems to give you a more veen coating
of diatom powder.


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