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[APD] RE: Lull in the Hemi, Gloss and tennellus growth

> I just
> notice that certain groups of plants may boom for a few months, giving you
> the joy to create a carpet or wall of plants in no time, all fresh green
> colour, no spots etc.... But for no apparant reason this usually affect my
> other plant groups.

Some plants have greater demand for CO2, NO3, PO4 and traces than others.
More agressive plants, much like agressive fish will hog all the
food/nutrients, and starve out the less agressive wimpy plants/fish.

If you add plenty, excess nutrients, this no longer occurs.............this
is why I give honestly excessive and rich suggestions.  
It targets all cases and plant species, not just a specific tank.
An aquarist can then later lower the rate down till they hit a negative
growth effect. Then add a touch more or keep adding much more excess if
they wish as their default. 

> When I see the planted tanks on contest pictures,  all plants species in
> one tank seem to be healthy and growing fast, even fast stem plants
> together with lush green Anubias . What do I miss here? I am using
> index method with WC's ( CO2, medium light 75 G tank )

Detail your tank routine out. Also, substrate. 
Check the CO2 till you are blue.
See if there is something going on there. I have all 3 plants, I see no
lull in growth and pick up in the other, that's a sign something is low.
Also note any changes the day or the water change vs days 3-6. See any
difference? Sometimes it sounds a bit like PO4 and NO3 are a tad low when
you describe the plant's response.

Another thing, growing all the plants in at the same time, in the right
condition is a skill. It's much more challenging than being "a grower".
Still, I think there's something you may be doing, CO2 or less likely
dosing wise that is causing the lull you are seeing.
You can rule a few things out by adding more and noting the response. You
can add more traces/PO4/NO3/K without causing any issues, you can also bump
the CO2 up a tad (not enough to bother the fish) and see.  

Tom Barr

> suisoman Dirk

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