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[APD] Re: Miscellany

Great stuff on the APD! Can't resist a comment.

On Mar 24, 2005, at 3:54 AM, aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

Have you seen the fellows that fish with their bare hands, in the
muddy shallows of the Mississippi, feeling around for giant catfish,
then sticking their hands in the fishes mouth, making a fist, and
trying to pull them out?

I believe the practice is called "noodling." A friend of mine who used to live in Arkansas filled me in on the method. The real thrill comes when it's not a catfish that wraps around your fist!

"A stump grinder probably requires less petroleum to "remove" the same stump but the noise polution is much higher, albeit short and temporary."

Stump grinders are huge fun. Almost as much fun as noodling in an Arkansas river. They wreak havoc on sprinkler systems.

"Another method is to cut your tree so that the stump is
about 30" high, flat, and level. Then place a tabletop
(material of your choosing) on the stump and pretend that
the whole thing is part of your yardscape."

Still another method related to the above: Hollow out depressions in the stump and fill them with potting soil. Use as a planter. Succulents work well.

More to the APD topic list, an anecdotal, non-scientific update on 4 months on a modified "Barr Method" with three tanks (10, 20, 29 gallon):

All tanks are doing spectacularly well after bouts of 1) pea soup green water, 2) filament hair algae from hell, 3) lame plant growth, 4) that "I'm in dire need of of an overhaul" look that makes people think twice about getting into the hobby. I've been doing weekly 50% water changes, adding macros (NKP) at water change (1/4 tsp per 10 gallons of KNO3/K2SO4, depending on nitrate levels, 2-3 drops per 10 gal K2HPO4 (Fleet enema), micros (PMDD, no nitrates) twice a week, with occasional water tests (nitrate, phosphate, iron) just to make sure things are within parameters. Each tank is a little different, due to plant types, fish load, light. All have CO2, whether tank or yeast. Plant growth is vigorous, good color, strong stems and leaves, growing like weeds, as Tom call 'em. Even the nasty filament algae, though still present, is manageable. My secretary has followed this regimen with her desktop "nanocube" tank for the last three months, and the tank has been doing beautifully from Day 1. Occasional water testing keeps me honest and helps with adjustment of nitrate and phosphate.

My parameters for the record:
pH - 6.8-7.0
kH - 11
nitrate - 10-20 ppm
phosphate - 1-2 ppm
iron - about 1 ppm

All these tanks are quite old and established - 5 - 9 years old (I'm lazy, and hate tear down!). You don't have to tear down tanks to revive them. Thanks to Tom and the other pioneers of the APD for bringing science to the practical level.

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