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Re: [APD] Re: Miscellany

wcwirla at verizon_net wrote:

My parameters for the record:
pH - 6.8-7.0
kH - 11
nitrate - 10-20 ppm
phosphate - 1-2 ppm
iron - about 1 ppm

At that high of a KH, small differences in PH means a huge jump in CO2 content.

6.8 = 52ppm
6.9 = 41ppm
7.0 = 33ppm

30 ppm is borderline healthy.
ppm C02 = 3 * dKH * 10^(7 - pH)

Though, I must admit that once I woke up to find my CO2 content at 133ppm. The snails were heading for high ground but the fish appeared to be OK. Odd. I thought they ought to be dead. They didn't seem to be the slightest bit sluggish either.

- Chris.
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