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[APD] Nymphaea ID

Hi Everyone,

I just got back (to the US) from 2 months of plant collecting in Thailand.  It certainly beats a northeastern winter!  I'm a botanist and it was a general collecting trip (not focused on aquatics), but I did get a few Cryptocorynes that may be interesting (I haven't put names on them yet). I also found Crinum thianum in the wild.  While it may be common in the trade it is rare in the wild as it comes from just a very small area of southern Thailand.

Anyway, at the weekend market in Bangkok a couple places were selling a Nymphaea that I had never seen before.  It may not be new but it certainly isn't commonly available at the local LFS.  They wanted about $7 for a small bulb.  That is pretty expensive for a plant over there (common aquarium plants go for about 25 cents a piece or less).  

I'm having trouble figuring out just what variety (or species it is).  By default I'm guessing a variety of N. lotus, but the only picture I can find on the net says N. maculata.  However, nothing else in a quick google search seems to match it.  If anyone could check out this link and give me a name I would appreciate it: http://fnp_aquaticplants.tripod.com/aquaticplants/africantigerlotus.jpg

I should add as a disclaimer, seeing as how the USDA and/or Fish and Wildlife apparently monitor this list, that the cryptocorynes, crinum, and the lotus were left at a botanic garden in Thailand.  When and if I bring them into the US in the future they will have all the proper permits with them.



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