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[APD] Alligator Gar

> On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:12:24 +0800, Roger Thomas <sniper at home_net.my>
> > I am considering to buy an Alligator gar and keep it my 700L planted
> I know they prey on small fish but is this OK ?
> > 

I have one. He's 6 years old and about 10-11 inches long. He's in a 75
gallon tank and couldn't be happier. They eat small fish so if anything can
fit in its mouth (about the size of a feeder goldfish) he will try to eat
it. They take to pellets easily. I feed mine large cichlid pellets about the
size of a pea. He is a crazy fish and everyone who sees him loves him. He's
in with 2 bluegills, cichlids, a plec, and 2 loaches. He gets along well
with everyone. He usually lies on the bottom of the tank and doesn't move
unless it's feeding time. 


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