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RE: [APD] Sunlight in a tube - Solar Power

Very nice...

The savings are more than I had imagined.  How much did the whole thing


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Timing was right.  I had some excess $$ (read this as I had some money 
to burn and couldn't justify some things) and thought that I might want 
to reduce my electric bill.  We over-engineered the panels intentionally 
so we could add a hot tub.  Our electric bill went from over $100 a 
month to about $230 for the first year.  That includes the hot tub that 
is heated 24x7 and a lot more liberal use of the air conditioning.  The 
hot tub doesn't help the fish, but the A/C certainly keeps the tank from 
overheating in the summer when it's 100+ outside.

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

> So, I take it you weren't happy with only 3 watts per gallon?
> Seriously, that is one impressive project you have there.
> On Tuesday, March 15, 2005, at 08:28 PM, Mike Szilard wrote:
>> I've already got the electricity thing beat... 
>> http://turbomkt.aquariumgarden.com/Solar_Power/
>> And, yes, I HAVE had the stucco done since the pictures were taken...

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