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[APD] Re: Assumptions over judging, AGA, APD etc

"But, probably not practical though for an international
aquscaping contest. But the broader point applies to what
individuals might hold as personal goals. Some aquascape
for the short term image, then whenthat's done, tear down
and make another. That's what they like to do. Others are
happy with plants and fish thriving, for the long term, and
don't much care about the aquascape end of things.

James said:

>Excuse me Tom, but take a pill.

That's not even __my quote__.

I was not saying anything about the AGA, ADA or any specific contest, nor was the above my personal quote.

>We had endless arguments during the planning stages of the first 
>Showcase/Contest over the "International" issue (and I blew up several times 
>at people who failed to acknowledge the fact that the APD and the AGA cater 
>to an international audience). Never forget that I, as the leader of the 
>committee which did the planning am a CANADIAN, eh? I love and respect my 
>American friends and neighbours, but I we ARE two separate countries.

Perhaps an IV? Forget taking pills, main line it.
I never said anything about AGA, Canada, APD nor logistical issue.

>Loosen up, relax and just enjoy the ride...
>James Purchase

The irony in your last statement .............
You even said it yourself, you "blew up several times at people".... then tell me to "take a pill" and  "Loosen up, relax and enjoy the ride..."

Tom Barr 

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