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Re: [APD] Metal Halide location?

Matt Wassenhove wrote:
I recently received two metal halide lights and fixtures from a friend.
They worked great for about three months and have just burned out.  At least
I assume that is what happened (they started to turn on and off in various
internals and now they don't turn on at all) I need new ones and thought I
would ask if any of you had any good leads on where I might get a pair of
replacements.  They were 150 or 175 Watt lights running at 6500K,  any help
is always appreciated.  If there is a bit of info I left out let me know.

Sounds like the bulb. When it is cold, take it out. If it is a screw on type, you need a mogul based bulb. It is likely 175W.

Another type is the double end type, it is likely 150W.

Both types are widely available in any online aquarium stores.

If the bulb is burning out, it must be in used for 3-4 years?

Louis Lin
TickQuest inc    www.tickquest.com
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