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RE: [APD] Re: Red Eye, Black Eye, Custard Pies. . .

>Ah heck. Just a minute folks. We were talking about
>reddening plants and pictures, not who has given of
>themselves to the hobby or geopolitics.

Spidey sense tinging with premonitions of (sic) Godwin's
law being called?

>Before we take a turn down a road that's slippery and all
>downhill, how about first we get some info out on colors
>other than red and green. How does one get some other
>colors into ones aquascape? I mean other than promoting
>malevolent chlorosis ;-) What are the options?

Does dull brown count? Didn't think so.

Hygrophilia (where it's legal) comes in pink
and a weird orange brown - the "Ceylon" version.

There's a Crinum, aquatic according to Lucanus
that's blue-green. He brought a bunch to a local
lfs and I grabbed a few, but passed on the blue-green
one (of 30) firuring something was wrong with it. Nope,
it's a nice looking plant.


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