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Re: [APD] RE: Red eye

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

>> . . .Well what do you know? I can:-)
> Sorry if I've outed anyone secret but it's something not
> talked about much
> and ___a lot of weight___ is given to these images.
> So while some are slightly doctored in some respects, it
> is very important
> to view a photo as a piece of art and not the true image
> of the tank itself.
> It can enhance and leave out many traits. Likewise so is
> the aquascape, how
> it looks over a long period vs a tank that looks good at
> 2-6 months of age
> and then sort of ratty thereafter is also something to
> consider.
> Folks judge based on only the photo, I'm not too keen on
> that personally. 
> It does not tell you very much. 

In the AGA contest, I thought I have heard judges say that
they take into account whether a tank is maintainable for
the long term and whether it looks like it was "just
planted" for the picture but is not a practical or viable
long term aquascape.

> > > Liz: And not all those reds can be accounted for by
> > > Photoshop, either.
> > Scott: Certainly not. Many of those contest tanks, if >
> seen in
> > person, are even more breathtaking than a photograph
> > can convey.
> But I've seen some in the past that are certainly touched
> up and colors
> added. Some were film, some digital. 
> I'm not saying who and that's not the point, but there
> are certainly some.
> Any tank should look better than a photo in person, 

Oh Tommy, don't take my Kodachrome awayyy..."

> but a
> photo does not
> show everything either..........I do not like to judge
> any tank without
> seeing in person. and even then I have reservations.
> I'd rather see the tank's success over several weeks,
> years etc.  

But, probably not practical though for an international
aquscaping contest. But the broader point applies to what
individuals might hold as personal goals. Some aquascape
for the short term image, then whenthat's done, tear down
and make another. That's what they like to do. Others are
happy with plants and fish thriving, for the long term, and
don't much care about the aquascape end of things.

And if you like redder than red pics, by all means, drag
that saturation slider over to the right.

Whatever lights your lamp.


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