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[APD] Re Red Eye

A recent exchange between two list members:

Also, just for the record, it wasn't I that presented the
pic to which Tom refers. Not that I wouldn't consider
punching up the saturation a tad, just like 'most everyone
else, if I did ;-)

For the record, I never mentioned any picture in particular. Merely I'd seen some that sure look doctored. So being my old crotchety self that enjoys figuring out how and why something works, I decided to see if I could reproduce that same color and the same dark deep greens.

Well what do you know? I can:-)
Sorry if I've outed anyone secret but it's something not talked about much
and ___a lot of weight___ is given to these images.
So while some are slightly doctored in some respects, it is very important
to view a photo as a piece of art and not the true image of the tank itself.
It can enhance and leave out many traits. Likewise so is the aquascape, how
it looks over a long period vs a tank that looks good at 2-6 months of age
and then sort of ratty thereafter is also something to consider.

I can definitively state that as far as the AGA Showcase goes, ANY image manipulation other than cropping would render the entry inadmissible. I know, because I was in charge of writing the rules (with help, of course). We wanted to make the judging as fair and impartial as possible.

James Purchase

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