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Re: [APD] NO3

S. Hieber wrote:

You can be concerned with either, just keep the 4.4
relationship in mind. Nitrate-nitrogen is the N in NO3, so
it's a smaller value than the NO3. Oft quoted target values
are *around* 10 ppm for NO3 (which equates to about 2 ppm
nitrate-nitrogen). I've heard some report good results with
10 ppm nitrate-nitrogen but I don't know if that was
temporary or involved a lot of extra maintenance.

What I have done however is remove the KN03 from my PMDD mix. I was due for a new batch anyhow. I plan on keeping an eye on it for a while until I get a baseline for it's natural rate of appearance in my tank. I had done a major plant re-arrangement and with the previous water change I couldn't vacuum because the roots hadn't yet taken. Consequently vacuuming today resulted in allot of detritus being picked up along with my 50% water change.

What brand/model of test kit was it? Sounds like a lot of

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

margin in the measurement. Which isn't uncommon with many
of hte test kits we us. I have a devil of a time with some

Starts with a bright yellow for 0ppm, then a hint of orange for 5ppm, then 20 and 40 are orange moving into red. Then 80 and 160 both the colour of blood.

of those color comparator tests too. It's why I swore off
pH color tests and got an electronic monitor. When I used
the color comparator pH tests, I used to gather the family
around and we vote on what standard color was closest to
the sample.

I usually just ask my wife or the cat or both. Between the three of us we can usually come to some conclusion.

- Chris.
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