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[APD] Toronto/lights/cheap

NOTE: I'm not selling lights. Please read this carefully.

Somebody in the "tor.forsale" newsgroup (articles for sale in
Toronto Canada) is trying to dispose of some HID lamps very
cheaply. This is probably of interest to aquarists in the
Toronto area. Posting to rec.aquaria.marketplace may not be the
best idea as it really is only pertinent to people in or close
to Toronto.

There is a proposal afoot to create a "tor.aquaria" newsgroup
which would be the sensible place to post stuff like this (if
it existed). Comments for or against the proposal to create
tor.aquaria should be posted in the newsgroup tor.news.

Here's the ad for the lights, again, please do not think
I'm selling these, I'm just passing the ad along as it's
of interest to aquarists. They're about one cent on the dollar
compared to retail.

>NNTP-Posting-Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 11:23:13 -0600
>From: "orbestoffer" <kpetersonis at rogers_com>
>Newsgroups: tor.forsale
>Subject: GE 400W Metal Halide Lamps 
>i have 120 GE 400W Metal Halide lamps forsale that are slightly used.  They
>where removed from a A&P store as part of there yearly changing, but have a
>tonne of hours left on them.  I also have 2 boxes or 12 brand new bulbs.
>GE Stay Bright MVR400/C/VBU/STB
>Sell separately for $5 each or a box of 6 for $15.
>The new bulbs are GE Multi-Vapour 400W Metal Halide  MVR400/C/STB/HO bulbs
>and i'm selling them for $30 per box or $5 per bulb.
>a bulk sale would be great and if you take more then a box of 6 you'll get a
>better discount of course.
>if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at
>i'm located at islington and dixon in the west end of Toronto for pickup.
>or would consider drop off if you purchase enough lamps.


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