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Re: [APD] Current Aponogeton species

>Barre Hellquist of Massachusetts USA and Surrey Jacobs of Sydney Aust.
>Revised the Australian Aponogeton family describing six new species in
>December 1998.
>Their work was published in the Journal of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney,
>"Telopea" Volume 8(1), December 1998.
>The current list of Australian Aponogetons from that paper are;
>Aponogeton proliferus   (Qld)
>Aponogeton distachyos (introduced and naturalised in southern states)
>Aponogeton hexatepalus   ( south in WA)
>Aponogeton lancesmithii (Qld)
>Aponogeton bullosus   (Qld)
>Aponogeton queenslandicus  (NT & Qld)
>Aponogeton kimberleyensis (North in WA)
>Aponogeton euryspermus (WA & NT)
>Aponogeton vanbruggenii (NT & Qld)
>Aponogeton elongatus  (NSW & Qld)
>If there is a list somewhere then this lot need to be on it.   Who keeps the

Dunno. I think I've seen it someplace, I'd have to go dig.

Here's the paper on the Australian Aponogetons that I've annotated
a bit with pictures where available; some are apparanly not.


A. proliferus is an interesting livebearing skinny leaved plant that
looks a bit like Crypt. retrospiralis. A. bullosus looks like
C.balansae and A. vanbruggenii looks lie crispus. Nice plants
all, are they available in the trade in Australia do you know?


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