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[APD] Re: Small diameter fish food binders?-a bit off-topic.

The main fish magazine in Britain (Practical Fishkeeping) keeps on going on
about how beefheart is very bad for discus, as the animal fats that are
liquid at warm-blooded temperatures don't stay liquid in a cold-blooded fish
(like the grease that builds up beneath a chicken after you have cooked it
and then allowed it to cooled)... true or false?
I'm not sure whether it is bad for Discus or not, but I can tell you that it
has been a staple for many breeders and keepers at least since I started
keeping them, about 18 years ago.

You can go to several Discus Websites and find current discussion about
beefheart preparation, etc., so it is still a large part of many discus
breeder's and keeper's food regimens.

I've never had one get sick or drop dead from eating it that I know of, but
then again I have never exclusively fed any discus just one thing, and
always try to give them a variety of foods so their needs are met.

If it was as bad as PFK is stating, I doubt it would be as popular today as
it still is. Beefheart is a pretty lean meat anyways. Some folks feed
turkeyheart instead of beefheart.


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