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Re: [APD] Small diameter fish food binders?-a bit off-topic.

"And this is better then cultured (free) live fod why exactly?"

I live in an apartment, I have room and time for small cultures like
fruit flies, microworms, whiteworms, red worms, and vinegar eels. 
However I don't have time or extra space to raise brine shrimp. 
Especially in the spring season as I'm a horticulturist.  My fish are
lucky to get fed at all in spring. :)  I use freeze dried cyclopeeze,
golden pearls, decapsulated brine eggs, walter worms, vinegar eels,
crushed flake and chopped blackworms to feed my fry and they grow just
fine.  I've seen increased growth rate with the cyclopeeze.  If I had
room and time for BBS I would still supplement w/ FD cyclopeeze.

Cyclopeeze wafer is thicker than normal flake, my fish were reluctant
to take it right away but love it now.  I feed it for the nutrition
benefits more than color enhancing, so they only get it 1x per week.

Nick Ternes
Port Washington, WI
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