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Re: [APD] Small diameter fish food binders?-a bit off-topic.

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

bottles if you have a LOT of mouthes to feed but 4 chambers
feeds a helluva lot of fish. One chgaber is for harvesting

Harvesting.... it sounds so cold and cruel.

Poor little sea monkeys. I used to keep them as pets. Ordered them from the back of a comic. They looked nothing like the picture indicated they would. Little king and queen, with all their children floating on the backdrop of their under-sea kingdom. Still very cool however.

I'm poking fun above, but it's funny how things change. I myself used to be one of those kids that would take an animal, fish for example and pull it's eye out with a hook so you could catch another (Perch). This was for no other reason other than entertainment purposes, as I was not gonig to eat the tiny perch. And just to note for anyone who wants to know, Perch definitly prefer an eye to a kernel of corn. They will even eat their own eye if placed back in the water and tanted with it. Now it's that's not sick... I'm going to have to re-think the definition.

I remember my friend and I leaving them on the road for traffic to hit and laugh and hoot in absolute extacy in the disgust of it. We had put their little Perch corpses up on main street up far away from the water. I remember that little stint getting written up in the local paper by someone expressing their outrage. We decided to time-capsule this historical event and scrapped up the remains "King fishie" who was now inside out after a 4x4 had done it's work. This was archived by way of jamming the tin can between two brick buildings where no one could access but a very thin child. Years later I did go to attempt to retrieve, but the can was gone. I immagine it must have been a nasty surprise for the kid that did go and get it. No, it's not two tickets to the policemans ball.... but....

I grew up on farm, so many animals of every sort met their demise in every concievable fashion. Moving to the city and many years later I took up fishkeeping. Now I can't even stomach the idea of sport angling anymore. I've tried it a couple times in recent years and find myself sympathizing with the fish. I could never stomach eating it, even with the absence of pollution.

Now we all know that if we were stuck in the wilderness the fish would have to die because we gotta eat. I'm okay with that. However, short of a collaps of civilization or I get lost in a very large wilderness, that just isn't going to happen. I'll just keep eating my packaged meats and not think of the source thank-you-very-much.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on some Tardigrades? I think I would like to keep some on my desk. If my faith in modern consumerism is correct, then there should already be a pre-packaged "Sea-Monkey" version for kids.

- Chris.

P.S.  Aquatic plants are cool.
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