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Re: [APD] Re: Water Heating

>The post drew one response, a good one, from Tom Barr, which supported the
>position that pH didn't have much effect.  I have no doubt that Tom gave
>accurate information and I appreciate that.  I don't worry about it as much
>now <g>.  But it would have been interesting and informative to read other
>viewpoints, maybe observe a debate, and doubtless learn something from it.

I doubt anybody here has harder water than I do. Plants don't
seem to care.

To be sure if this suff evaporates you can open a chalk business;
you'll have pounds of the stuff. And biogenic decalcification is
an issue. I just cleaned flakes of crap covering every part
of every leaf of one crypt plant that ws entirely coated. But not
one leaf was even harmed.


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