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[APD] Re: Water Heating

Tom W. posted, perhaps tongue-in-cheek:

"Are we really so dead that the temperature of water gets this much press?"

It seems to me that a lot of the postings in the last several weeks have
dealt with such hardware topics as needle valves and methods of heating
water.  These are
important.  But they seem to be a step removed from the actual culturing of

About three weeks ago I posted a question about the effect of pH on plant
growth, something which is significant to those (few?) of us here who have
high pH water and don't inject CO2.   I've read different opinions from
knowledgeable people on that subject - there appears to be some controversy
and thought I'd see some discussion and learn from it.

The post drew one response, a good one, from Tom Barr, which supported the
position that pH didn't have much effect.  I have no doubt that Tom gave
accurate information and I appreciate that.  I don't worry about it as much
now <g>.  But it would have been interesting and informative to read other
viewpoints, maybe observe a debate, and doubtless learn something from it.


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