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RE: [APD] Microwaving water for water changes a bad thing?

Let me put it another wat Tom. Chlorine is also
a "general purpose biocide" and is death on
plants, fishand people. But, in small enough doses,
say in tapwater, it does some good and no harm.

Obviouslythe end goal here is to help the plants
not keep alage i constant check through dangerous
chemicals, but in a situation where for whatever
reason a tank has gone to hell and is infesetd with
one or more forms of procaryotic algae, I content
that a couple of days with a low dose of H202 is
more effective and less harmfull to plants than
a blackout is.

At least that's what I've found.

"And I'd like to thank the many plants and animals
that gave their lives to help me come to this conclusion"

H202 is not a one-shot magic cure all IMO, bit under
the right conditions I believe it is safe and effective.


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