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Re: [APD] JBJ Co2 Regulator Combos

Mine works flawlessly but its only 5 months old.  Bought it after a
lot of research and talking to people who have been using them for a
few years.  When I was a lab rat I did a lot of work with pressurized
gases and this regulator seems to be as well made as any of the lab
warhorses were.  Needle valve is very precise if you are doing a
bubbles per minute count.


On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 00:00:07 +1100, Paul Byham <plbyham at bigpond_com> wrote:
> Are the JBJ CO2 regulator combos any good? anyone have experience with them? I am looking to buy a regulator/solenoid/needle valve/bubble counter combo unit and I want some information on which one is best to use on a 30G planted tank.
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