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[APD] multiple Co2 use

Hi all, I am planning on setting up a 75 w/
pressurized and hope to eventually use the Co2 bottle
to run a calcium reactor on my reef tank at the same
time. What do I need to do this? and has anyone on
this list used a Co2 system on 2 very different
applications like this. Any advice on this matter
would be greatly appreciated. Also I will be using R/O
water to set up my 75 and hope to have a nice algae
free tank w/ careful dosing of nutrients (thank you
Tom Barr!) does anyone have a favorite electrolyte
brand and if so why? Do I need an electrolyte at all
if I am dosing nutrients? Should I use less than the
recommended dosage because of nutrient dosing? I am
leaning toward "amazon rain" which is specific to S/A
species according to the manufacturer's blurb,  I will
be keeping pencilfish, apistos, pygmy cats, and a few
other small guys (killies?) so this brand seems to
have the best spectrum for these species but if anyone
has a better choice I would love to hear about it.

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