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[APD] Re:Erik's reply to my comments about quotes and other

>I am not familiar with outlook, but isn't there a 
>way to reply to someone without repeating the entire original message?   I 
>know that I have seen it done, but I don't know if the person was using

Regardless of the email reader used to reply there is a universal way to
remove the quoted text:

Before you start typing your reply:

1) Ctrl-A
2) Backspace

Sadly, the incredible effort it takes folks to accomplish this task prevents
it's widespread use. Microsoft has a full team of support desk folks
outsourced to a small village in India that will walk a customer through the
excruciating process. Believe me, I know, my mom has needed to make the call
several times and still can't get it right.

To permanently turn off quoting:

In the main program window of Outlook 2003 go:
1) Tools
2) Options
3) Email Options
4) Under "When replying to a message" change the pulldown from "Include
original message text" to "Do not include original message text"

Considering the difficulty some people have with punching a hole in a piece
of paper next to their favorite presidential candidate's name, it's a wonder
we can feed ourselves at all.

Ok, now I am going to attempt to follow the directions on my shampoo:
1) Lather
2) Rinse
3) Repeat

Somehow I always fail to repeat and yet still have magically clean hair.


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