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Re: [APD] Re: Where to find needle valve?

Dave Gomberg wrote:

At 16:44 2/17/2005, Chris Hotte wrote:

Well I'm tired of it! This is a nightmare.

Fabco NV-55 $27 from me including shipping, this valve is worth twice the price, very good


The fabco is inline? I'd prefer to get one that is threaded to replace my current brass fitting. I do like the look/feel of my current valve (but doesn't work satisfactorily). I'd like to keep the whole thing as simple as possible. Tank->Regulator->[optional adaptor]->Needle valve->Barbed nipple->Airline->[diffusor of choice]. In my reasearch to find a pictoral comparison of the fabco you have on your site (which could stand a little re-modeling) resulted in my stumble across this old thread: http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/dumping.html

The thread would reveal that some of you in here are all old "friends" from way back (What the hell is Mr. Woods problem?). Of course I'm dredging up old conversation which is likely all completely bridge under the water ;-) an unfortunate effect the internet has with it's editict memory. Regardless, my question is: Did you manage to learn how to stop the airline from poping off the inline airline connector but yet keep the pressure from the regulator high enough to maintain the required sonic effect on the first?

- Chris.

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