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[APD] Inline CO2 Reactors.

S. Hieber wrote:

An alternative -- mind you I didn't say the only one -- is
to get the CO2 equipment out of the tank -- a mixing
chamber (or what the at-a-loss-for-small-words folks call a
*REACTOR*) can be made for a few bucks and a little time --
and not much dexterity is required:


Btw, neither Dave nor Hudson nor I make a penny on these --
and I didn't design the things or make the pictures and I'm
not even connected with the website -- I only bring them up
because they're inexpensive, 100% efficient, out of the
tank, and easy to make.

I made something like similar based on that instructional. I could only find barb connectors that have had a 90o angle. It works, however it's a pain in the ass to clean since I sealed it with the exception of the barbed fittings. It also doesn't disconnect very nicely and usually ends up in a mess. Instead of BioBalls, I used large inert granite pebbles I had lying around. I used it for around 6 months and then grew tired of it slowing down the little flow I had. I'm lazy about cleaning my canister filter, so I didn't need the extra drag inline after a couple months of buildup. I removed the stupid thing and now feed CO2 directly into in a powerhead I pulled out of retirement. It works fine. The bubble rate is now 0.33/second vs 0.14/second with the reactor. My 5lb tank still lasts 'forever'. The guy at the welding shop has only seen me once for a refill since I got this setup from him around this time last year. I absolutely blew his mind with the slow controlled rate I was trying to achieve. He'd never heard of anything like this application, however that isn't surprising at a welding supplier. My tank would have lasted longer if I hadn't decided to dump it when the guage was reading 800psi, down from the regular 900psi. That was fun. I did it to avoid "tank dump" but there was alot more gas in there than I had expected and I likely will not do that again.

CO2 is cheap and well... I think the inline reactor is a nice project and all, but necessary if some other reaction method is available, even if not as efficient. It's still nowhere near the inconvenience of using the yeast/sugar method. I'll stop keeping aquatic plants before I go back to that.

Anyone want my PVC inline C02 reactor? I still haven't tossed it. Free, but you pay shipping -- It's full of rocks. ;-)

- Chris.
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