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[APD] Lighting .. Budget Bulb Tip

Lighting Supply note:  Also now selling for 99 cents 20W
flourescent-style screw-in light bulbs - from <a
href=http://www.lightsofamerica.com/>"Lights of America"</a> -5 year
life & warranty - 6000 hours-1200 lumens-20 watts --- must be shielded
from water contact (lights like yellow tungsten spectrum instead of
flourescent) 'Lights of America reports that all their lights have a CRI
minimum of 80-84 CRI - which gives high 'green' color fidelity with
flourescent performance.

http:/www.homedepot.com -Home Depot - also  sells clear plastic 'weather
tubes' with rubber end-caps for 48-inch 40W flourescent light tubes -
[about $1.98 cents each]. & flat strip lights (2 or 4 tube) ($14.99
-$18.99) -which would need a case (ie wired with ballast on a metal back
- no sides) ...  Most light bulbs & tubes display :: wattage, Lumens, &
Kelvin temperature for light spectrum, & hours of life. 

Also ... Sea-Life Inc of Sioux Falls South Dakota grows & packs aquarium
plant bulbs :: aponegton ..Thai Lily .. & Valisneria ... which WALMART
sells inaddition to Petco inventories. 

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