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[APD] Aquatic Mosses

I've just received a reprint of "Java moss and other aquarium mosses" by Professor B.C. Tan, Loh Kwek Leong, and Gan Cheong Weel. The original article appeared in the magazine Singapore Scientist, No. 102.

For years, here in North America, we had Java moss, Vesicularia dubyana and Willow moss, Fontinalis antipyretica (cold water aquatic moss not suited to tropical aquariums). Positive identification is made difficult as the various mosses change how they look and grow depending on being grown fully submerged or emersed. As well, spore capsules are needed for ID's of mosses.

Due to the actions of hobbyists in Singapore, there are now many more aquatic mosses available (at least in Singapore). Singapore moss, Erect moss, Java moss, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss. Positive ID of these various species took an expert of Proferror Tan's level.

If you like moss, its a very interesting bit of reading. I am unsure of whether I may redistribute the pdf file, so don't start asking just yet. If I can, I will at least try to get it into TAG.

James Purchase

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