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[APD] Aquatic Mosses

James wrote:

I've just received a reprint of "Java moss and other aquarium mosses" by
Professor B.C. Tan, Loh Kwek Leong, and Gan Cheong Weel. The original
article appeared in the magazine Singapore Scientist, No. 102.
If you like moss, its a very interesting bit of reading. I am unsure of
whether I may redistribute the pdf file, so don't start asking just yet. If
I can, I will at least try to get it into TAG.

I am quite sure you will be seeing this article in TAG. Loh Kwek Leong has been in regular contact with me on the subject, but the understanding was that this information first had to be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Glad to hear it is finally out! If you haven't got it yet, the latest TAG (in the mail last week) contains a lead-in, aquarist's POV on aquatic mosses!


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