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Re: [APD] Orientation of CO2 Tank

--- Andrew McLeod <
> No. The CO2 tank contains both liquid CO2 and gaseous
> CO2. When the tank is upright, the gas flows out of the
> regulator. But if used on their side, liquid will flow
> into the regulator, with bad consequences 

Uh actuall not so, since the output pressure is the same
either way, all you get is gas going "through" the
regulator, i.e. through the metering orifice inthe
regulator and through the lowpressure side of the

If your CO2 is running, go turn the tank upside down and
see what happens. The flow rate won't cahnge becasue the
pressures (both high and low side) will be unchanged, the
temps won't change. The regulator's high pressure side is
sealed except for the metering orifice so it won't mind the


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