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Re: [APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 18, Issue 6

>>         All the chelated trace mix that I have seen has been green in 
>>color. Mg is already there in PMDD so don't worry about it.
>EW! Mine doesn't come out green. It comes out a nice golden brown and I 
>keep it in the fridge. I got all my mix components with directions from 
>"Homegrown Hydroponics" (bless their hearts) and it was extremely cheap 
>and useful. They even had an outlet in my hometown here! I bought a 
>nutradip PH probe from them too. I've been using for more than a year 
>and I'd never go back. PH at a glance is very re-assuring.

Ayup to both. Homegrown hydro's traces are brown (from the iron,
they're FE+traces) and HH deserveres a medal for having everything 
and being everywhere. You can't swing a cat in Ontario without
finding a "local affiliate".

Apparantly we grow a lot of tomatos and basil indoors here or soemthing.


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