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Re: [APD] AH Supply Reflectors

At 07:55 PM 2/5/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>I have AH Supply kits on five planted tanks.  They are an awesome kit.  But 
>realize that the reflector is designed to work best with a CF bulb.

I've never heard a bad thing about the AH stuff; quite the opposite.

But! Having said that, the stuff aint cheap and for those of us that
didn't win the lotto, you can revert to an time honored aquaristic
tradition: scavange.

Find a place that deals in used office or industrial fixtures. Find
some quad T8 fixtures with silver colored reflectors. Chances are
good that for $25 you can get one of these and end up with 2 four
foot reflectors, 1 4 tubes electrnic ballase, fixtures for 4 tubes
and maybe even 4 working albeit worn out warm white, tubes.

I did this and ended up with reflectors about the same as the
AH ones. And a whole bunch of neat bits.


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