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[APD] RE: Acidity and nutrient uptake

To answer your questions:
>Why the low pH and KH?
>Are you trying to solve a particular problem or just >interested in

The  55 gal tank I'm inquiring about has been set up as a rather prolific
planted Discus tank, both plants and fish, for a very long time.  There is a
pair in there now spawning.  It has about 10% of it's water changed daily
with RO water.  I occasionally add RO right to the tank, something I seemed
to have overlooked for a while now.   I noticed that the tank seems to be
experiencing an undue spurt of algae growth lately and after measuring a few
parameters this morning it occurred to me that perhaps the unusually low Ph
and KH might have something to do with it, all other things being the same.
Interestingly enough I have another tank on the same water changing schedule
with mostly South American tetras and angels, and similar water parameters
with very manageable algae.  The only difference I can ascertain is the
water temperature, 76 instead of the 86 in the discus tank.


(thanks for the links Steve)

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