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Re: [APD] Neritina natalensis Snails

>Hmmm.  Everything I have read -- so far -- indicates that these brackish 
>water snails cannot reproduce in fresh water.  As I understand it, they lay 
>eggs, but the eggs don't mature.  Is that incorrect?

>John T. Fitch 

Hi again John

I had an old rubber maid container outside that I used to throw all my excess plant clippings into (the experimental bucket), I suffer from Collectoritus and just can't bring myself to throw away old plants! :)
Anyhow, a mate of mine at work gave me a small school of guppies (which at the end of the summer season was a HUGE SCHOOL), these were thrown into the Bucket as I had no space for them in my own tanks. I had never kept Guppies before and had read somewhere that they like salt in their water too, so there was indeed aquarium salt in the water but not much, possibly a good handful in a 30 gallon container. This was as saline as it got, the snails were prolific (and they were definitely Neritina). I would say over three months I went from possibly 20 snails to 1000's, no exaggerating, they were everywhere. As soon as the temps started dropping all of them died! They're sensitive wee buggers. The offer stands, if you can't get any let me know and I'll send them over...

Kindest Regards
Cameron James
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