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[APD] I am a new subscriber

Hi All:

I am new to this list, but I would like to get some feedback on Crinum 
calimastratum.  To make a long story short, one of these plants ended up in a 
Rubbermaid tote outside, just floating, from mid-August until today, when I found 
it.  We here in PA have had many near freezing days and nights in November, and 
three nights where water surfaces were thinly iced.  Despite that, the Crinum 
seems quite healthy, with solid bulb and roots, and three nice long leaves, 
which more resemble those of a Crypt. balansae.  Does anyone else have any 
experience with this plant being able to take such extremely low temperatures in 
stride?  There was also an Amazon swordplant that survived, with three small 
leaves in the center of the plant, the outer leaves having died.  I brought them 
in side and have them in an area where I can very very slowly bring them up to 
ordinary aquarium temperatures.

Carol Ross
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