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Re: [APD] I am a new subscriber

>Hi All:
>I am new to this list, but I would like to get some feedback on Crinum 
>calimastratum.  To make a long story short, one of these plants ended up in a 
>Rubbermaid tote outside, just floating, from mid-August until today, when I
>it.  We here in PA have had many near freezing days and nights in November,
>three nights where water surfaces were thinly iced.  Despite that, the Crinum 
>seems quite healthy, with solid bulb and roots, and three nice long leaves, 
>which more resemble those of a Crypt. balansae.  Does anyone else have any 
>experience with this plant being able to take such extremely low
temperatures in 
>stride?  There was also an Amazon swordplant that survived, with three small 
>leaves in the center of the plant, the outer leaves having died.  I brought
>in side and have them in an area where I can very very slowly bring them up to 
>ordinary aquarium temperatures.

I've had Crypt Albida survive a killing frost. I forgot about it, found it
the morjning after, brought it in and the gre new leaves, the old ones
lone turned to mush.

If a crytp can survice that a crinum surely can; you could clean those things
with a wire brush they're so tough.

I'm sure it's fine.


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