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[APD] RE: CO2 issues

> Biggest problem with mine is the intake of the pump clogging up with 
> plant debris.  And recently a large snail ended it all at the intake.
> I would suggest you take off the power head and feel the flow.  It 
> should be pretty darn strong.  If not open up the adjustment to increase 
> the water flow (agree with recommendation of prior post).
> Good luck.
> Bob

If you plug the pump into the light timer, this will free the debris each
If you drill a small 3/16" hole about 2" down from the top iof the tube
this will allow the gas to escape out of the tube at night but not effect
the efficiency during the day.

This allows you to pump in high amounts of CO2 for 8-10 hours and then shut
it off.
DIY CO2, non solenoid methods can easily use this method.

Reactors place near the outflow from a filter is good placement.
Adding a venturi loop also can help when using a powerhead.

Tom Barr

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