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Re: [APD] AZoo Heating Cables

I think there longest cable was 200 watts, yes?  Consider
the wattage and whether that will be too much for the
aquarium. Unless they are radically high wattage, it will
only mean that the coil will cycle on/off more often and
might be more prone to overshooting the desired temp when
the ambient temps are high. In water the coil does not get
so hot that you cannot hold it in your hand -- I have Azoo
cables and I tested them that way. So it's not an issue of
burning anything.

As for the the impact on the beneficial effects being
affected, there's the controvesial rub, but I'll put my
money on the benefits, other than heating, not being
adversly affected one way or the other.

Scott H.
--- JAMES PURCHASE <jppurchase at rogers_com> wrote:

> As the topic of substrate heating seems to be on the
> table right now, I have 
> a question.
> I don't belong to either side of the argument - but I DO
> have a substrate 
> heater installed in my 6 foot long tank. Maybe I keep my
> apartment's 
> thermostat too high, but I have noticed that the cables
> rarely comes on (it 
> is attached to an electronic controller).
> Dupla equipment was hard to find in Canada at the time I
> decided to install 
> substrate heating, so I bought a set of AZoo cables and
> an electronic 
> Controller (not AZoo). I bought the longest set of cables
> in the shop, and 
> they just covered the bottom of the tank (72" long x 18"
> front to back) at 
> the "recommended" separation.
> Next summer I intend to move and will be getting rid of
> the big tank (its 
> already spoken for). I intend to have a local shop order
> a custom 80 gallon 
> replacement (36" long x 24" front to back x 24" deep).
> AZoo seems to be out of the market, at least here in
> Canada, and I can no 
> longer see cables listed on their Taiwan Home Page.
> Can I use the longer cable in a smaller tank? This would
> mean placing the 
> cables closer together than AZoo recommended but I can't
> see any other 
> solution. Will it work or is it a recipe for disaster?
> Thanks
> James Purchase
> Toronto
> P.S. Thanks to everyone who ventured a suggestion on the
> topic of how many 
> bags of Flourite I'll need for the new tank. A local shop
> has agreed to 
> supply me with 7 bags at a good price. 
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