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[APD] AZoo Heating Cables

As the topic of substrate heating seems to be on the table right now, I have a question.

I don't belong to either side of the argument - but I DO have a substrate heater installed in my 6 foot long tank. Maybe I keep my apartment's thermostat too high, but I have noticed that the cables rarely comes on (it is attached to an electronic controller).

Dupla equipment was hard to find in Canada at the time I decided to install substrate heating, so I bought a set of AZoo cables and an electronic Controller (not AZoo). I bought the longest set of cables in the shop, and they just covered the bottom of the tank (72" long x 18" front to back) at the "recommended" separation.

Next summer I intend to move and will be getting rid of the big tank (its already spoken for). I intend to have a local shop order a custom 80 gallon replacement (36" long x 24" front to back x 24" deep).

AZoo seems to be out of the market, at least here in Canada, and I can no longer see cables listed on their Taiwan Home Page.

Can I use the longer cable in a smaller tank? This would mean placing the cables closer together than AZoo recommended but I can't see any other solution. Will it work or is it a recipe for disaster?


James Purchase

P.S. Thanks to everyone who ventured a suggestion on the topic of how many bags of Flourite I'll need for the new tank. A local shop has agreed to supply me with 7 bags at a good price.

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