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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 tank question -- No Tape on a CGA 320

When you tighten the fitting, they squish, which can make
them spread. Usually they will then be stuck inside the
female fitting on the regulator which is your situation.
The nut on that fitting should be able to slide back
towards the regulator, which might expose the outside edges
of the washer and you can then gently pry it off. If the
threads of the nut meeting the washer block the nut from
sliding, a little force can sometimes push the washer past
the thread as you slide the nut back -- and sometimes
trying to slid the nut back and forth can help loosen the
washer. If that doesn't work, then you'll need to try to
pry one side of the washer up off the seat on the regulator
stem and once lifted, pull the washer out with a pair of
needle-nose pliers. Prying is best done with a small then
blade with a strong shaft -- like a small screwdriver but
be careful to not gouge the seat of the fitting.

If the washer is stuck against the seat on the valve --
which is not your case but I've had it happen with fiber
washers -- then just use something thin to pry it off.

When reassembling, do not overtighten the fittings; don't
squish the washer any more than necessary to effect a good

You can try using fiber washers instead of nylon, they
don't spread as much as nylon washers. However, I find the
nylon washers more easily achieve a good seal.

Hope that's some help,
Scott H.
--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:

> I have the nylon washers, in fact one comes with the tank
> whenever I swap it out, but the one that is on there is
> stuck into the regulator and won't come out for anything.
> How do I get it out?
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