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[APD] Re: N #4

Tom Barr said:

> Well "a sort of essentail" cation that helps induce spores 
> into vegetative mode. Niether is truely essential, since 
> both can live on NO3 but the spores don't seem to grow 
> without the free meal of NH4.

But isn't algae working in the ppb-range? The plants are 
NH4 limited *long* before algae so their removal capacity
of NH4 doesn't matter much to algae?

I thought the trick was steady stable nitrification (filters+substrate)
rendering the NH4 to NO3 instantly/fast making the 
NH4 levels stable and (too) low both for algae and plants.
This would make NO3 the only nitrogen source which
plants with their big biomass can handle but the algae
sit and wait for next NH4-spike?

(comparing to what you usually say about phosphate)

// Daniel
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