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Re: [APD] Re: Co2 system up and running/MTS question

Congrats on your system, Valerie.

Re using thread tape: Teflon tape does two things. 
1) It provides some lubrication so that threading is more
easily done. Btw, this is why tape is contraindicated for
PVC fittings -- it makes it too easy to overtighten and
split or crack the female fitting.

2) It seals any small gaps in tapered (pipe) threads,
helping to seal the joint.

Even if the threads are not tapered, using *enough* tape
can effect a seal at the threads, but this usually means
the fittings are not properly seating or the tape would be
unnecessary. Compression fittings especially should not
require any tape -- tightening should be all that's
required to effect a seal. Look at your fittings before
assembly and notice whether metal surfaces of the two parts
are meant to mate and be pressed together and whether the
threads at the very end of the fitting are smaller in
circumfrence than farther up the piece. If so, the fitting
is not meant to rely on the threads for a seal but on
pressing (or compressing) the mating surfaces together.

The worst problem with tape is when using it on, or
upstream from, the needle valve or solenoid. When the
fittings are threaded together, the threads will sheer fine
pieces of tape, which can clog the needle valve. The
clogging most often occurs after reassembly -- fine pieces
of tape remain in the female threads when you disassemble
and then are pushed forward towards the needle valve or
solenoid when you reassemble. Something finer than a human
hair in the needle valve or solenoid can cause it to not
work properly.

If that happens, you can sometimes blow the needle valve
clear by turning the valve more open than normal and
blowing it out with the hose from an air compressor.
Solenonds more often require disassembly to clear the
internal valve seat.

Thread tape is to fittings what duct tape is to amost
everything else -- useful in a pinch but usually not the
best way to do things and sooner or later, someone has to
clean it away  ;-)

Scott H.

--- NYCMags <heavensabvus1 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> . . .Also, was it ok to use the teflon between the bubble
> counter and the needle valve?

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