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Re: [APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 14, Issue 51

There is sometimes a guy at pennysaverusa.com that
sells them used here in San Diego.  Just someone
trying to make a buck.  At biotech labs where I have
worked, they sometimes use acids for cleaning that
come in 30 gallon plastic and they are disposed when
empty.  This is what I use in my fish room for clean
and dirty water changing.  Very heavy duty trash cans
work, but with a limited lifespan.  I have seen them
crack unless really thick.

--- MJPinckard <MJPinckard at lbl_gov> wrote:

> I don't actually have a rain barrel at this point.
> I'm just getting 
> started and looking for a reservoir (50-100 gallon
> capacity range) that 
> is easy to find locally, safe and cheap... a rain
> barrel seemed like it 
> might work really well,  would probably be easy to
> find locally and 
> convenient since you can get them already plumbed
> with a bottom drain... 
> what about other plastic trashcans, would they work?
> My real question is whether one of these things is
> likely to leach 
> chemicals into the water... is there a particular
> type of plastic I 
> should try to get/try to avoid?
> Otherwise, any recommendations for a reservoir (and
> where to get it)? I 
> live in the city (San Francisco Bay Area) so it
> would need to be 
> commonly available. I'll check the local hardware
> stores for food grade 
> plastic barrels (will they be specifically marked as
> "food grade"?).
> I've tried web searches... but if you don't know
> what to search for... 
> it is often hard to find ;-)
> cheers,
> Maggie
> John wrote:
> Not sure what your rain barrel is like, but you can
> sometimes find food grade plastic barrels at feed
> and
> tack or hardware stores.  30-55 gallon. $18-40 if
> available.  I usually test newly cleaned barrels
> with
> excess guppies or mosquitofish and see if they
> survive.  -John
> >  
> >
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